Factory for production on pet food and fish feed

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The highest quality ingredients

Only high quality ingredients are good enough for Quicker dog food. Salmon meal and oil as well as fresh red meat with a high content of biologically available protein to proper growth and development of your pet.

Made with love

Extra large order of love can be found in each bag of our food for your and our favorite quadrupeds.

Cost-effective food choice

Quicker owns and economic product line that is completely nutritionally balanced and formulated to give all the necessary nutritional value for your dog and is a good and economical food choices for your dog at any age.

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Technology and Quality
Our brands

“Bosnet Group” is a modern factory for the production of fish feed and pet, which operates according to all standards today are looking for the market, with special expertise in the field of research and development of production, advanced technology, production management and systematic quality control. “Bosnet Group” works with the latest Swiss technology and the recipes we use are made in cooperation with Norwegian nutritionists.

The quality of our technology, equipment and finished product forms the basis of our factory for production of fish feed and pet. Bosnet Group in BiH is the only factory in the development, production and sale of food for fish and pets. Our goal is to be and remain recognizable companies in the use of modern innovative technologies in Europe and the world. We are continuously working on improving existing and creating new products and services in accordance with changes in the business and social environment. We continue to invest in its own staff and these are creating and expanding cooperation and positive energy.

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+387 33 42 86 81
6 mart bb
71240, Hadžići
Bosnia and Herzegovina